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Tim and Katie, Owners, Berry Jam Sweet Living

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Tim and Katie’s small business journey started after opening a homewares store called Jedo’s Beach House. After owning Jedo’s for years and putting in the hard yards, they decided to sell the business and their house along with it to take their three young kids around the country for a full year of camping.

They’re now back, better than ever with a new business. Tim and Katie have kept the same feel of quality with their new business but have moved their focus out of beachware into a broader ethical living and shopping aesthetic.

When COVID hit, like so many other small businesses their trading hours were diminished for a while, meaning they had to cut back the hours they could offer their staff.

They’ve also moved away from the traditional brick-and-mortar model and created a website, which they were exited about but was super nerve-wracking! They’re now working to drive traffic to the site so they can share their new product line with the whole of Australia.

Its been a tough period for the couple, and while their community has been outstandingly supportive, without foot traffic its hard to operate. They say that in order to get all of our communities going the support of both locals and businesses is essential.

Get out there and find some hidden gems around your area and GO LOCAL FIRST!

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