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Einat, Founder, TradeSquare

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In the midst of the COVID crisis, Einat, along with a group of seasoned entrepreneurs decided to launch TradeSquare, to help Australian small businesses source goods locally, online.

The inspiration for TradeSquare came after the pandemic hit pause on the trade shows and sales events that so many businesses rely on. After being left wondering where to find inspiration and find supplies, the idea came to her, and TradeSquare was born.

Built for Australians, by Australians, they’re aiming to be leader in the space, just with cheaper prices, quicker transactions, and easier communication between buyers and suppliers.

Their main focus is on the businesses that provide a livelihood for so many of us – small businesses and not-for-profits nationwide. So far, they’ve partnered with child-care providers, art schools, educators, retailers and hospitality operators.

As they’re both Australian owned and operated, TradeSquare helps small businesses save a heap of money when they’re sourcing their items – and even better, theres no overseas tax, customs fees or global shipping costs!

Although they’ve only just opened, they’ve got great ambitions and an excellent team behind them. Check them out and see what you can source from some of Australia’s fantastic small businesses.

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