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Christine, Owner, Riverside Ranch

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Riverside Ranch started out as a horse riding business, helmed by owner and founder Christine. After insurance costs sky-rocketed, Christine made the decision to close the Ranch back in 2015, choosing instead to let their gorgeous property out for holidays.

A year into letting out the homestead, a couple booked in who were planning to get married in Yamba, and after seeing how beautiful the Ranch is, they came back a couple weeks later and asked if they could host their reception on the property during their stay. Christine agreed, and now four years later, they’ve had thirty-five weddings, and the rest is history.

The wedding industry has been one of the hardest hit by COVID restrictions, and its going to be a while until they get back to full capacity. Christine has been unable to operate normally since the restrictions began, meaning they’ve had to be super flexible with all the couples who had booked their dream days over the last six months.

Additionally, as they’re a do-it-yourself venue, they’ve been walking their clients through the process of submitting a COVIDSafe plan, and helping them organize a COVID Marshall onsite to monitor the event.

Understandably, their couples were extremely disappointed when restrictions were first introduced, as they thought they’d never be able to have their dream wedding. As restrictions have drawn on, everybody is realising that this is the new normal, and are super understanding of distancing and sanitizing requirements.

Due to the inherent nature of weddings, and the obvious need for close contact, Christine made the tough decision not to offer accommodation for future weddings, but she’s honouring home stays for couples who have booked prior to COVID.

They look forward to being able to reopen at full capacity (hopefully!) soon, and continue to help Australians have their dream wedding.

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