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Ben and Cameron, Founders, Southern Highlands Brewing Taphouse

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Ben and Cam founded the Taphouse at Southern Highlands Brewing after meeting on the rugby field playing for their local club, the Bowral Blacks. After bonding over their love for the finer things (beer and rugby), they made the decision to start the taphouse back in 2016.

Counterintuitively, the pandemic has actually had a positive effect on their traffic to the Taphouse. They reckon that Sydneysiders are making the most of being able to travel where they can, and that means they’re ending up down in the Southern Highlands in the Taphouse, sampling some of their finest creations.

Ben and Cam managed to keep doors open all the way through the pandemic, also pivoting to a takeaway model for their customers who didn’t feel comfortable but still wanted an ale or two.

Although going to a takeaway model was a challenge, Ben says they were actually overwhelmed by all the local support for the takeaway. The Taphouse has gained a whole new clientele as a result of their takeaway business, so its great to find a silver lining in these hard times.

The Taphouse is deeply ingrained in their local community, employing twenty locals from the surrounding communities, and also providing sponsorship to the place that brought them together, the Bowral Blacks. They’re huge fans of their local community, so none of this support is going anywhere soon.

For the future, they’re looking forward to expanding their takeaway options and developing their online platform now, looking to reach more and more locals around them in the Southern Highlands.

If you’re ever in the area, or you just need a break, head down to the Southern Highlands, give them a visit, and GO LOCAL FIRST!

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